Tarjei Boe/Emil Hegle Svendsen

28. února 2018 v 16:23

Let's roll just like we used to.


Tanec se slzami v očích.


Getting away with it - Electronic (however I look it's clear to see / that I love you more than you love me)
My terracotta heart - Blur (i'm running out of open road to you)
Dancing with tears in my eyes - Ultravox (dancing with tears in my eyes / living out a memory of a love that died)
Let's roll like we used to - Kasabian (we had it all / a rise and fall)
Can't stand me now - The Libertines (i know you lie / all you do is make me cry)
Why don't we live together? - Pet Shop Boys (you may not always love me / I may not care)
Evil and a heathen - Franz Ferdinand (your teeth are black with wine / as you place those lips on mine)
Love's not a competition (but I'm winning) - Kaiser Chiefs (love's not a competition / but I'm winning)
Sweet dreams, TN - The Last Shadow Puppets (I just sort of always feel sick without you, baby)
So happy I could die - Lady Gaga (happy in a club with a bottle of red wine / stars in our eyes 'cos we're having a good time)

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